Green Throated Mango - Anthracothorax viridigula 

Anthracothorax viridigula (Trochilidae) is a high-flying hummer with an amazing plumage coloration. Both females (top photo) and males (bottom photo) have a black central line on the breast and belly.

The male has an entirely green throat, and glossy green upperparts with a copper tinge. The males’s tail has dark central feathers, the outer tail being wine-red tipped with black.

The female has white underparts and more bronze on the upperparts and flanks; the females tail has also dark central feathers, but the outer tail being wine-red tipped with white. 

The Green-throated Mango prefers coastal areas including mangroves, swamp forests, and semi-wooded zones. This species breeds from northeastern Venezuela, Trinidad and the Guianas south to northeasterm Brazil.

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Photo credit: ©David Hemmings | Locality: unknown (2010) | [Top] - [Bottom]



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